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Product Reviewed: 600 JR MARK V 12ga

I started out handloading individual shotshells -- buying primed hulls, measuring shot and powder charges for each individual shell, roll crimping on a drill press, etc. With the addition of the 600JR, I've been able to drastically increase my efficiency, produce a more consistent and reliable product, plus have a lot more fun in the process. I've been recommended this product by beginners and experts alike, and for the price, I'll have to agree.

(Matthew F.)

Product Reviewed: 600 JR MARK V 12ga

A well made product that works as it should. The addition of the primer feed further speeds up the process. Straight forward quick processing of shells for a single stage unit as long as you choose the proper powder bushings. Very satisfying results using this model. The unit is simple enough for a beginner and useful for the experienced. Due to its size and dimension footprint you can fasten in to a board and make it portable reducing the permanent space used on the workbench. I should have purchased one of these years ago.

(E C.)

Product Reviewed: 9000GN 20ga

I have shot over 85,000 Skeet targets registered with the NSSA and several thousand more Sporting Clays targets registered with the NSCA. Most of these targets fired upon with reloads made on my MEC 9000GN reloaders. (Some venues and events will not allow reloads to be used.) Not only was I not handicapped by using my loads, but I feel it was an advantage. I used "lesser" reloaders from MEC and other brands and I am certain that there is none that met the same "cost to benefit" ratio the MEC 9000GN's provide. Not only can it save you money and allow more shooting for the same money, it is a relaxing time while you make your on custom loads. Quiet time focused only on the process can allow you to unwind from the rigors of everyday life!

(Steven Haynie)

Product Reviewed: 600 JR MARK V 12ga

The MEC 600Jr Mark V is a fantastic shotshell press. Aside from an accurate scale for confirming powder and shot charges (and the obligatory reloading data and components, of course), it encompasses everything you need to start loading/reloading shotshells. The press is made of good quality materials and comes pretty well adjusted right out of the box (although I did need to adjust pre-crimp and final crimp for the particular shells I was loading, but that's to be expected). Press operation is smooth and easy. Setup instructions are clearly written and easy to follow. I would definitely recommend this press to someone just getting into shotshell reloading, but I think it's also well suited for seasoned reloaders who are adding shotshells to accompany their metallic reloading repertoire.

(Kenneth Foehl)

Product Reviewed: 9000GN 12ga

I have loaded thousands upon thousands of shells with my 9000s I currently have 3 one for 12, one for 20 and one for 28 gauge. After initial set up they run flawless . The ability to change loads is quick and simple without readjusting the initial set up. A definite two thumbs up. Whether you have reloaded before or not this is the machine to get, that is why I own 3 - simply put it is THE BEST machine on the market and support is second to none with any questions what so ever

(Bret Davies)

Product Reviewed: 9000GN 12ga

Spend time learning how it works, clean it, keep it lubricated and use valid loading data. Each pull of the handle use a cadence and check "primer, wad, shot, shell" -- make sure to keep your powder reservoir +half full, you'll get more accurate results. Did I mention keep it lubricated? Always MEASURE your shot load and powder weight - the chart gets you close… but make sure. I love this thing!

(Robert Houston)

Product Reviewed: 600 JR MARK V 28ga

Quick delivery. Well packaged. I knew I would have to reload for my new shotgun as 28 gauge is hard to find and crazy expensive when it is available. Like my experience with other MEC products, the quality is great and the unit functions perfectly. I only needed to make a couple small adjustments to the crimping station to start producing factory quality shotshells. I did add the auto primer feed as it really speeds up the loading process. I have loaded around 500 rounds so far and everything has run flawlessly. Can't go wrong with MEC loaders!

(Glen Lundgren)