Metallic Reloaders

The MEC Marksman® is a single stage metallic reloader featuring our patented self-centering shell holder, ductile cast iron frame and ridiculously smooth ram.  We are proud to say this metallic reloader is 100% made in the USA and it is hand assembled at the MEC Outdoors shop in Mayville, WI.

The MEC Marksman® is made from ductile cast iron formed in a C-Shape for superior quality and durability.  Our patented self-centering shell holder provides greater accuracy and consistency to every reload. The MEC Marksman® is compatible with all 7/8-14  and 1-1/4 -12 thread dies to change calibers quickly. Reload .22 Hornet to .416 Rigby all with one convenient machine.

In addition to the MEC Marksman®, we encourage you to check out our full Metallic line of reloading accessories and essentials. Powder measure, powder trickler, scale and calipers are available to complete the MEC Marksman® reloading experience. An additional base is available for easy installation and is compatible with the MEC Jig Fixture mounting system. Case prep tools and components are also available.