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Smart Series

Clay target machines equipped with the Smart Series Electrics can communicate with the users. With the push of a button, users can view the machine’s life cycle target count, a resettable target counter, display the current battery level and view the machine status. The days of replacing relays, fuses, and breakers are in the past. All electronics within the SMART Series are enclosed in Noryl Resin which is guaranteed to keep out moisture, dust, and debris.

The modules also have built in parameters to notify the user of any critical machine failures allowing the user to correct issues faster and return to normal functions. In the case of a board failure, the pod, which is covered under our normal factory warranty, can easily be swapped out in a matter of minutes. The SMART Series electrics have been vigorously tested and are guaranteed to perform in extreme hot, cold, and wet environments. They are also capable of being retrofitted on preexisting MEC models, as well as compatible with several competitor’s brand machines.

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