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New technology lets you communicate with your clay target machine to learn important information like target counts, battery level, machine status and more.

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Picture of 600 Jr Mark V
600 Jr Mark V
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12 Gauge 1 Oz Straight 4 Petal Wad
12 Gauge 1 Oz Straight 4 Petal Wad
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Picture of 100E Sporter Tilt Base
100E Sporter Tilt Base
The 100E is our recreational, backyard model.
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Picture of Mec Marksman®
Mec Marksman®
The MEC Marksman® is a single stage metallic reloader.
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Foot Pedal
Foot Switch Pull Cord
Pull cord operated with foot switch. Available in 10', 50' and 100' lengths.
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Need To Consult The Manual?

Visit our owner’s manual download area to obtain detailed instructions on how to safely operate your MEC Shotshell Reloader, MEC Clay Target Machine or MEC Metallic Reloader.

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