Metallic Reloaders

MEC Outdoors is pleased to introduce its latest new product offering, the all new MEC Marksman® to the reloading enthusiast. As an industry-leading manufacturer of shotshell reloading presses and equipment, MEC brings its knowledge and expertise to the reloading marketplace. The MEC Marksman® single stage reloading press and accessory products are made in the USA in Mayville, WI.

The MEC Marksman® is made from ductile cast iron for superior quality and durability. Our patent-pending self-centering shell holder provides greater reloading accuracy and consistency. The MEC Marksman® is compatible with all 7/8-14 thread dies to change calibers quickly. Reloading .22 Hornet to .416 Rigby can all be done with one convenient machine.

In addition to the MEC Marksman®, the Metallic line will include reloading accessories and essentials. Powder measure, powder trickler, scale and calipers are available to complete the MEC Marksman® reloading experience. An additional base is available for easy installation and is compatible with the MEC Jig Fixture mounting system. Case prep tools and components are also available.

With over 60 years of shooting sports experience, the addition of the MEC Marksman® continues the reloading heritage from the BRAND YOU TRUST!

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