Benefits & Savings

Often times we receive questions from potential new customers as to what are the benefits to reloading their own ammunition.  These can be centered around how much am I going to save, how does the performance rate to factory ammunition, do I have a competitive advantage, etc.

We consider reloading as an extension of the shooting sports.  Reloading is a great hobby when done alone, with family members or with a shooting partner.  What reloading allows you to do is select a load that works the best with your style and type of shooting.  Not everyone is the same so this is truly a must for anyone that wants to improve their scores.  As an individual, you are in control of the cartridges you produce.  

When it comes to saving money, this will depend on the cost of your components and how you compare the cartridges you produce with factory ammunition.  Reloaded ammunition should not be compared with the inexpensive promotional rounds, but rather with premium factory rounds.

Today, the greatest savings are found in the speciality calibers. For most people who reload their own rounds, the savings they accrue are funneled back into shooting.  This allows them to shoot more for the same amount of money.  To check how much it will cost you to reload your own cartridges, click on the link below and fill in the blanks.

Metallic Reloading Cost Comparison Calculator