9000E (With Auto-Mate)

The 9000E is available in 12, 16, 20, 28 gauge and .410 bore.  Die sets are not available.

ALL MEC RELOADERS INCLUDE: 1 Charge Bar & 3 Powder Bushings.

Type Model # MSRP Order
12 Gauge 1009000E12 $1,547.53
16 Gauge 1009000E16 $1,562.36
20 Gauge 1009000E20 $1,547.53
28 Gauge 1009000E28 $1,562.36
410 Bore 1009000E410 $1,562.36

Product Description

High-speed, high volume reloading at its best.


  • The 9000E has all of the innovative features found on the 8567N Grabber, plus automatic indexing and finished-shell ejection for quicker and easier reloading.
  • Our revolutionary Auto-Dex(TM) automatically moves the shells through each reloading stage by simply returning the handle to the top of its stroke.  Accurately resized shells are achieved with each stroke.
  • Finished shells are automatically ejected from the shell carrier after final crimping.  This time-saving feature makes one-more-hand operation obsolute.

Finished shells with every stroke

The fastest, smoothest indexing system ever made.  Our factory-set speed provides uniform movement through every reloading stage regardless of operator action.

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