MEC Outdoors Sponsored Shooter Dalton Kirchhoefer Continues to Shine

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

For the past two years Dalton Kirchhoefer, age 19, has been honing his shooting skills and promoting the MEC brand with true sportsmanship.  He was recently announced as a member of the 2019 USA Sporting Clays Junior Team while he attends the University of Wyoming College of Engineering full time, majoring in Petroleum Engineering.

During the off season he practices once a week and during the shooting season he increases to twice a week. Four days prior to a competition, he shoots 50 each day.  Kirchhoefer says, “The key isn’t how many rounds you shoot. It is the quality of your practice and training. Have a plan. Then practice, Train, and simulate, with performance evaluations and adjustments along the way.”

Balancing Life, School and a Shooting Career.

Maintaining a 3.76 grade point average and keeping up with his shooting disciplines, isn’t easy. Balance is key for this young shooter and mentions this about how he keeps it all together. “Being able to have a balance is by making sure that either activity isn’t taking up all of your time and to be able to take breaks and actually enjoy your life rather than being 24/7 work. As a result I have to make sure I’m structured with my study time between classes and then schedule practice time in as well. “    

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