Shotshell reloading and sporting clays make for great hobbies.  Let's face it, as shooting sports enthusiasts, we enjoy the recreation and camaraderie that we get from these rewarding endeavors.  These are things that anyone can do and nothing makes it better than passing it on to the next generation.

We take great pride in reloading our own shells.  We're able to ensure the quality we want and save money while doing it.  The self reliance of loading our own shells is truly enjoyable and it's even better if we can teach our children and grandchildren to carry on the tradition.

And with the growth of youth and women in the sporting clays, we're able to share more of our passion of the sport with our families, friends and communities.  At MEC, we want to help you enjoy your hobbies by providing quality products and back them with the best customer service.  We also want to share tips on how you can improve your shooting and enjoy these activities even more.  We invite you to check in with us often to find the latest shooting sports articles and videos.  You can stay tuned in by visiting our website or by joining us on Facebook.

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