Dalton Kirchhoefer

MEC Outdoors Sponsored Shooter Dalton Kirchhoefer

Dalton Kirchhoefer is currently a member of the 2019 USA Sporting Clays Junior Team and attends the University of Wyoming (studying Petroleum Engineering). He began shooting in 2010 at the age of 10 when he set up his first lesson with MEC Outdoors Sponsored shooter, Bob Self, in Indiana. A few weeks later he joined Bob’s SCTP team and within 9 months Dalton won his first State Sporting Clays Rookie Competition. After years of participating in many other traditional sports, Sporting Clays instantly became his passion. After 2 years honing his skills with a 20 gauge, he moved up to a 12 gauge Caesar Guerini Summit Ascent. A year later Dalton became a Pro Staff Shooter for Caesar Guerini and shortly there after won the first of his three consecutive SCTP Sporting Clay Individual National Championships.

In 2013 his family moved to Colorado, expanding his opportunities to include training at the USA Olympic Training Center for Olympic Trap and Double Trap. Two years ago Dalton upgraded to an Invictus Ascent, testing its versatility competing in Sporting Clays, 5-Stand, Super Sporting, FITASC, Skeet, Trap, Olympic Trap, and Olympic Double Trap. Coupled with consistent training and year-round practice, the versatility of the Caesar Guerini Invictus Ascent line has provided Dalton with a seamless transition between disciplines.  Becoming a Sponsored Shooter with MEC Outdoors has enabled Dalton to take his training and practice to the next level.  At his new home in Wyoming, Dalton now has the ability to leverage 7 MEC 300E series machines (4 Standards, battue, Chandelle and 70MM) combined with the elevation changes of the mountains, so there isn’t a target that Dalton doesn’t have the capability to throw and practice. The key elements to his success across disciplines are his passion, his drive, Caesar Guerini and MEC Outdoors.

Dalton currently receives coaching from Caesar Guerini ProStaff Mark Taylor and Wendell Cherry, and has also worked with Jon Kruger and Olympic coach Lloyd Woodhouse. Dalton currently practices at his home in Wyoming, and when he is not shooting Dalton likes to hunt, fish, hike, camp, and ski. 



Disciplines: Sporting Clays, FITASC, 5-Stand, Super Sporting, and International Bunker Trap.

Years Shooting: Dalton has been shooting for 9 years. NSCA Junior; Master Class 

Recent Accomplishments: 

2019 USA Sporting Clays Junior Team

2019 NSCA Junior All-American Teams:
Krieghoff 1st Team; Perazzi 12 Gauge 1st Team; Blaser FITASC 1st Team
2019 NSCA Open All-American Teams:
Briley 20 Gauge 2nd Team

Qualified for the 2018 PSCA Tour

2018 NSCA Junior All-American Teams:
Krieghoff 1st Team; 12 Gauge 1st Team; Blaser FITASC 1st Team; Briley 28 Gauge 2nd Team
2018 NSCA Open All-American Teams:
Briley 20 Gauge 3rd Team

2018 NSCA Wyoming State Sporting Clay Champion
2018 MEC Rocky Mountain Classic
Main Event HOA

2017 NSCA Sub Junior All-American Teams:
Krieghoff 1st Team Captain; 12 Gauge 1st Team Captain; Blaser 12 Gauge FITASC 1st Team; Briley 28 Gauge 1st Team

2016 NSCA Sub Junior All-American Teams: Sporting Clays Team;
Sporting Clays 28 Gauge Team; FITASC 12 Gauge Team;
Sporting Clays 12 Gauge Team 

2016 NSCA Colorado State Main Event Champion,
High Over All (HOA), & High All Around (HAA) Champion

(Youngest in Colorado History)
Sub Jr CH: Pre-Lim, Main, 5-Stand, Super Sporting, 20 ga; 28 ga; 410.

2015 K-Kup Sub Junior Champion at NSCA National Championship
2015 Colorado State Sub Junior Champion:

Pre-Lim; Main; 5-Stand; Super Sporting; 28 ga, 410 ga, & 12 ga

2014 NSCA All-Region Team, West Region
2014 Colorado State Sub Junior Champion:
Pre-Lim; Main; FITASC; 5 stand; 20 ga, 28 ga, & 12 ga Sub Courses

2013 NSCA Colorado All-State Team
2013 NSCA Colorado State Sub Junior and Class Champion:
Main Event & 12 gauge sub

3-Time SCTP Sporting Clay National Champion
2016 – Varsity/Sporting Clay HOA
2015 – Junior Varsity
2014 – Intermediate Advanced

SCTP/NRA All-Scholastic Team Member
2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

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